The Pulse (Pilot Episode)

A majority of the companies today, started out as a journey. Most companies weren’t handed to the founders. A man or woman usually has an idea to advance the humanity, or a new cause for people to believe in, or even a solution to solve an urgent problem. The entrepreneur’s destination transforms into presenting their idea in a successful and tangible way to assist society and local business. As a result that business then grows and positively impact its own community.

The Producer’s and Creator’s of this Web Series seek to have these businesses and organizations become beacons of light into a new class of young and professional entrepreneurs’ lives. We take a few moments from their schedules to take us back to their own unique beginnings to unveil the inner workings of their business/organization. Each interview and exhibition will delve into what it really means to start your own business or organization and what it takes to make and keep it successful.