Girls Girls Girls from Kristan Woolford on Vimeo.

Screened at Where Tech Meets Art at EyeDrum Art & Music Gallery (2016)

The High Museum of Art Atlanta as a Jury Selected Finalist of the 2012 Georgia State University Student Film Festival

This experimental piece, comprised entirely of found footage, aims to explore the male/female relationships in the context of hip hop culture. Conceptually, the use of visual and audio sampling emphasizes the repetitive images, messages, and themes present in today’s hip hop landscape. Also present is a sense of the history of how hip hop has evolved to this point, and a suggestion that radical change is necessary for these norms to be erased.

  • Shades Of Middle Class Alcatraz
    Shades Of Middle Class Alcatraz
  • Girls, Girls, Girls
    Girls, Girls, Girls
  • Nightmare
  • Gringo

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