avant-garde a·vant-garde[ˌævɒŋˈgɑːd (French) avɑ̃gard]

those artists, writers, musicians, etc., whose techniques and ideas are markedly experimental or in advance of those generally accepted
adj 1. of such artists, etc., their ideas, or techniques 2. radical; daring

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  • Girls, Girls, Girls
    Girls, Girls, Girls
    Screened at Where Tech Meets Art at EyeDrum Art & Music Gallery (2016) The High Museum of Art Atlanta as a Jury Selected Finalist of the 2012 Georgia State University Student Film Festival This experimental piece, comprised entirely of found footage, aims to explore the male/female relationships in the context of […]
  • Nightmare
    This experimental observational documentary, merges archival video and footage of the events that took place at The Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison on September 21, 2011. Focusing on W.E.B DuBois’s theories of double consciousness, a first-person perspective is used to poetically immerse the audience into the experience of protesting the […]
  • Shades Of Middle Class Alcatraz
    Shades Of Middle Class Alcatraz
    This piece poetically captures the trappings of suburbia in a post-modern society. Black and white photography is used to strip the setting of it’s variety, while further emphasizing the flatness of the environment. The aesthetics of the imagery are dictated by corporations seeking to mass produce their ‘brand’. This comes […]
  • Gringo
    Through use of formal strategies (sound design, camera positioning, editing style etc) this experimental documentary film seeks to convey the perspective from which a number of Americans view Mexican Americans. As HB 87 fuels racial tension here in Georgia, I wanted to challenge the idea of fairness in terms of […]